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The expert

Welcome to Social Media Xpert, my name’s Gillian and I’m the ‘real’ person behind the website. I’m a mature self-confessed geek who loves all things techie and my aim is to help small businesses, creatives and charities get the most from social media. 

I’ve always been enthusiastic about social interaction which is a positive way of saying that my school reports often had the remarks “Gillian has a tendency to be too talkative” on them. Unsurprisingly my job roles to date have all involved daily contact with people where excellent verbal & written skills have been essential. Combine this penchant for communication with a fascination for understanding how things work, a love of learning new stuff and a ‘can do’ attitude and you end up with a chatterbox techie…

Let’s be honest “Chatterbox Techie” isn’t very catchy as a business name is it? Nor does it really give you an idea of what I do. Consequently I spent quite a few hours (or was that days?) trying to come up with a unique, clever, business name. I wanted a name which I felt encapsulated my skills and core values succinctly but also gave a flavour of my slightly quirky personality… To cut a long story short, I settled decided on “Social Media Xpert” and the rest as they say is history.
So, what makes me an expert? View Gillian Parker's profile on LinkedIn
I suppose studying communication to degree level may have helped. Plus for the last couple of years I’ve maintained the social media accounts for a national charity, increased its website traffic and raised its profile.

What has contributed to my success is

  • a willingness to read all those boring instructions & follow them
  • a flair for finding interesting content and knowing when & where to post it
  • a good command of the English language combined with the ability to write punchy posts
  • and finally… lots and lots of practice!

So if your website’s lacking a certain “je ne sais quoi”, you’ve tried twitter but haven’t got the time to tweet or you’re simply frustrated by your Facebook page then get in touch!